Welcome to Kindergarten at Redlynch Premium Childcare

Our Kindergarten Program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework - Belonging, Being, Becoming and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline. Every child is special and unique and comes to the centre with vast knowledge, skills and experiences which they use in order to provide a base for their own learning. This knowledge forms the child's individual learning pathways throughout the year. Partnerships with families are key to a child's success during their Kindergarten year and families are welcome at any time, to read a story, share family news or to play alongside their child.

As we have the most beautiful weather in Cairns, our approved kindergarten program is free flow, with both indoor and outdoor learning spaces being offered throughout the day. We operate on a risk benefit model, where guided risk taking is encouraged.

Key areas of focus in kindergarten which are embedded within the context of play are social competence, emotional intelligence, attention / behaviour, literacy and numeracy learning, and gross and fine motor skills. 

Our program recognises the importance of a play based learning environment as the best start for children, therefore our literacy and numeracy learning is embedded within everyday interactions and conversations instead of being taught by rote.

Literacy learning is developed through sharing books, exploring reading and writing behaviours during role play such as making signs for play, music including recognising patterns in language, drama and visual arts. Oral language is developed through conversations and discussions in small and large groups. 

Numeracy learning is embedded in songs and rhymes, exploring numbers and their uses in our community, counting, patterns and relationships including audio and visual, exploring mathematical thinking, concepts and language. 

We encourage dispositions for learning including confidence, getting along with others, resilience, organisation and persistence. We believe these are important life skills which children will need throughout their lives.

We provide a strong transition to school program and are partners in education with Redlynch State College and St Andrews Catholic College.

We look forward to meeting you soon!